Cutting Corners

    Everyone should take up a new hobby. One that is inexpensive, can be done in any kind of housing, and is thoroughly profitable.
    I'm not going to lie; this article was Mom's idea. I grew up on a farm with three brothers. She had to keep us busy somehow. Picking, stemming, podding, was all part of her sneaky plan to keep us out of her hair. For several years of my life, I was so scarred that I hated strawberries. I still hate blueberries.
    Scarred, I tell you.
    Now, I'm not telling you to dig up the entire back yard for the purpose of growing your own corn and beans, especially for those of us who live in apartment complexes and don't have back yards. If you don't have an abundance of dirt to work with, never fear; there's this sweet new thing that all you non-farm people can do to grow your own food or flowers. It's called box gardening!
    The cool thing about box gardening is you can have your own little bed of herbs or vegetables or flowers in a small space, so your friends can come over and admire how "green" you are. Smaller space means you spend less money on seeds and fertilizers.
    You can get the kids involved by having them help you decorate whatever container you choose for the garden (let's be honest, you can really think outside the box for this one). You can even give each one his or her own small box and let them raise plants, too! It teaches...responsibility, or something like that. Just be prepared to take care of their plants, too.
    The main thing to be careful about when box gardening is to pay attention to different plants' needs. For example, some plants need deeper soil, so you might want to get a large pot for this. There are plants that thrive in sunlight and will do best on your windowsill or balcony, and there are plants that prefer cooler climates and should be kept under the couch or on the kitchen counter. Most plants do not do well if chewed on by pets or small children while they are still growing, so make sure you keep an eye on that, too!
    The best part of box gardening is that, if you do your homework, you can ensure that you rarely have to buy new seeds! Some plants will provide you with seeds you can keep for next year!
    So, you can save money in groceries, decor (every interior designer will tell you that a little green brings literal life to any room), and even next year's garden! Get gardening!