Cross Creek camp hosts 67 players

    A total of 67 youngsters participated in the recent Cross Creek Golf Camp according to notes released today by camp director Mike Macke.
    Macke said the five-day camp ended with a tournament last Friday and there also was a skills competition last Thursday based on various skills such as putting, chipping, and full swing.
    The tournament was broken down into age groups and from different tees. The different ages also played a varying number of holes in their tournament.
    Macke said that "it was a very successful week and the kids worked hard and showed a lot of enthusiasm." He thanked fellow staff members Terry Laurent, Drew Norby, Kyle Eichenauer, and A. J. Kalver along with Zach Wetzel, Nathan Kortenber, Greg Litchfield, and John Kenney who assisted with instruction.
    Friday's tournament found the following results:
    Girls 8 and under: Alexis Marbaugh 24, Jara Hockemeyer 27
    Girls 9-11: Ashley Eichenauer and Megan Rickord (tie) 33, Olivia Fennig 35, Rylie Velez 38, Kyler Jennings 41, JoLynn Hockemeyer 43, Lina Chung 45, Kylie Heckert 51, Dayna Miller 54
    Girls 12: Morgan Ellsworth 33, Ryann Velez 41, Jenna Busick 48, Madysin Strickler 52
    Boys 7: Isaac Ruble 14, Ben Razo 22, Duke Myers 25, Charlie Harris 29, John Ulman 31, Gunner Butler 32, Austin Sheets 32
    Boys 8: Nic Ellsworth, Payton Binegar, Broc Hamilton (tie) 18; Caden Staub 20, Elijah Kohne 28, Carson Friedt 31
    Boys 9: Andrew Wagner 33, Jonathon Kuck 39, Zariel Reyes 39, Zach Macke 45, Jax Steury 45, Andrew Fuelling 46, Nathan Ulman 46, John Birch 48, Jake Lautzenheiser 48, Izaiah Kohne 51
    Boys 10: Brevin Slusher 38, Jon Ruble 39, Cameron Voglewede 45, Sam Wyss 52, Davis Macke 53
    Boys 11: Kyle Arnold 37, Peyton Staub 50, Cole Razo 51, Brady Manis 52, Luke Strickler 57
    Boys 12: Greg Shoaf and Cole Coshow (tie), 43; Chance Bressler 44, Cam Hart 46, Skylar Douglas 59, Austin Heckert 71, Evan Birch 74
    Boys 13: Ty Razo 52, Brett Funk 55, Nevin Miller 63, Noah McIver 66, Connor Bussel 71, Cole Bussel 79