Craig home: Help may be on the way

    Community assistance is being sought by city officials for a scheduled cleanup day at the home of George Craig and his son, George Jr., at the corner of Jackson and Second streets.
    It was announced at Tuesday night's city council meeting — attended by the elder Craig —that the work event will be held beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturday, October 12.
    "Mr. Craig is going to attempt to do something on his property," and the public can help, Mayor John Schultz said.
    Councilman Matt Dyer said, "We're asking for the public's help. Three church groups have come to me (about assistance); people do want to help."
    The mayor said a city truck will be at the home that day to aid the cleanup.
    "I think it's a good first step, and I'm glad Mr. Craig has accepted help," Schultz said. But I think the (major) problems are structural; this is (going to be) just cosmetic. He has agreed to accept help, though, and it's a good first step."
    The mayor said at the September 17 meeting that Craig had been given a September 9 deadline to show some progress.
    One of the first steps likely on cleanup day will be cleaning out all the brush around the dilapidated structure. As the mayor said, though, some of the major problems seem to be structural in nature.
    City officials have been trying for months to get Craig to clean up the property.