Cover up! Frost possible tonight

    Back to normal ... with a little frost thrown in.
    The National Weather Service says Decatur and Adams County can expectd some patchy frost after 10 tonight as temperatures return to normal.
    That's bad news for plants that have already bloomed due to the recent spate of unusually warm weather.
    Experts say major damage is possible for for plants that have already started to bloom this season. In a normal year, trees and plants don't bud until around April or May.
    The experts say that, first, properly cover all plants that have started to blossom, even if they are only showing a little color.
    Because freezing temperatures and frost are forecasted for the next couple days, gardening experts at places like Lowe's Home Improvement store are urging you to take precautions to protect your plants.
    To cover the plants, the experts say, use cardboard boxes, plastic bins, frost cloths, burlap, sheets... anything you have. The key is to have an air bubble around the plants.  Also, some recommend putting Christmas tree lights in the trees, but use the older types, not the LED lights.
    People also are urged to avoid using fertilizer because it's still too early in the growing season.
    A high of 52 degrees and a low of 32 are normal readings for this time of the year in Decatur, and we're right on that today. Forecasters say mostly sunny skies and a high near 51 are likely here today, with a northeast wind around 15 mph making it feel much cooler.
    Tonight's low should be around the 30 mark, with an east wind around 10 mph.
    Temperatures are due to begin rising Tuesday, however, with a high near 61 under mostly sunny skies here and a low around 52 and some stiff winds from the south.
    The upward climb continues Wednesday with a high around 71, along with a 30-40 percent chance of morning showers and thunderstorms and some stiff west winds at 15-20 mph, gusting up to 30 mph.
    Then it's back the other way, with highs in only the low- to mid-50s expected for Thursday and Friday.