Courthouse near finish

    Everything looks "real well" with the work that has been completed on the courthouse, according to Dave Meyer of the county's building and maintenance department.
    Meyer told the county commissioners on Monday that he met with architect Dave Sholl, of Schenkel and Schultz Architecture, last Friday to inspect the nearly completed restoration of the courthouse.
    However, Meyer said that the pair went up in a bucket lift and found more details in the design of the building that have eroded over the years and have not been replaced.
    Meyer noted that some of the decorative leaves on the window sconces are eroding from years of enduring Indiana weather and "probably won't last much longer."
    Meyer said the contractors agreed to inspect the remaining leaves as they continue work and take pictures of any they find eroding for the commissioners to examine.
    The cost to replace the leaves is approximately $300 each, according to Meyer, and he doesn't know how many could possibly need replaced.
        In other news, Meyer reported that while workers were installing the windows in the attic area last week, they removed an antenna in order to install one of the windows.
    What the workers didn't know was that the antenna is used to provide internet services to the sheriff's department and the city police department for their new dispatch service.
    Meyer said after being contacted by Sheriff Shane Rekeweg, who was understandably unhappy, he talked to the contractors and told them not to remove anything without first consulting him or IT Manager Landon Patterson.