Courthouse damage could top $10,000 - Likely lightning zaps electrical equipment

    While Saturday's storm didn't cause any structural damage to county buildings, plenty of electrical equipment was zapped by an apparent lightning strike.
    Dave Meyer, of building maintenance, told the Adams County Commissioners Monday that he checked on the courthouse after he failed to receive a routine status email Sunday morning.
    Meyer said when he got to the building he discovered the second floor air conditioning unit, elevator, emergency alarms and panic alarms were not working. Meyer called Bleeke Electric to fix the problems and as of Monday all systems, except the air conditioning unit, were operating again.
    Meanwhile, IT Manager Landon Patterson reported that his offices lost five phones, five computer systems, three floor network switches, two fiber optic transceivers, and two recording devices, one in each court.
    Patterson told commissioners they were able to repair the computers enough to function, but that the repairs will not last and the units need to be replaced. He estimated the cost to replace the destroyed equipment to be between $10,000-$20,000.
    Commissioners asked Patterson and Meyer to talk with the insurance company to find out exactly what is covered by the county's policy, then report back after they have a better idea of will be needed to cover the repairs.