Courtesy of county, city gains streets

    Who maintains which roads in the Decatur area should now be a lot less confusing.
    Decatur City Attorney Tim Baker, Adams County Highway Department Superintendent Mark Mitchel, and the city's Street/Sanitation Superintendent Jeremy Gilbert met with the Adams County Commissioners Monday to discuss giving certain streets that currently belong to the county over to the city.
    Baker said essentially what has happened is that over the years, as Decatur has grown, roads that were considered county roads are now within city limits. Adding more confusion to the problem is the city sewer system. If there is a home or business with city sewage on what is perceived to be a county road, it is the city's responsibility to maintain that portion of the road.
    "In short, the county owns about 3.5 miles of right of way within the city limits," said Glbert. "This poses many problems from maintenance issues to general confusion over who owns what. In some areas the county owns half the road or the whole thing."
    The following roads are now being given over to the city by the county:
    • Bellmont Road from 200 E going west 1,760 feet.
    • 200 E and Belmont Road going south to US 224.
    • Corner of 200 E and east to Monroe St.
    • High Street from Adams Memorial Hospital to the Knights of Columbus lodge.
    • 28th  Street from Patterson Street to US 224.
    • 550 N going west to the Gray Goose addition.
    • Washington St. from Back Forty going 1,150 feet to the west.
    • Winchester St. south from the former Lutes Flowers to the Fleetwood property.
    • Salem Road from Adams Memorial Hospital to CR 200 E.
    The commissioners unanimously approved the transfer of the right-of-way and commended Gilbert and Mitchel for working together to get things done more efficiently and with less confusion.