Court building security is eyed

    Tom Fox of the Adams County Probation Department came to the county commissioners' meeting on Monday with a request to put up a protective wall in his department to enhance security and confidentiality.
    The department is situated in the superior court building, the onetime city library.
    Fox said has gotten tentative estimates from Joe Schwartz and Dave Delong which suggest that the project would cost about $10,000.
    County Attorney Mark Burry asked why the county should construct a wall in a building that might not be in use and might even be torn down in the next few years. Burry also pointed out that granting a request at present might bring an onslaught of other requests, as there are several problems with the superior court building; thus, the county is considering courthouse alternatives.
    Fox reported that there have been three incidents of unruly behavior in adolescents in the last six months, and he worries that this number will only increase. The commissioners advised Fox to give more precise specs to Schwartz and Delong and get more precise estimates.
    On another matter, IT Director Landon Patterson presented a contract with Allstar Communication of Fort Wayne to install a fax server at the Service Complex, which he believes will solve the county's faxing issues. He has received complaints of faxes not sending or being received properly.
    The fax server will allow faxes to go straight to a folder, which can be accessed by county employees, he explained. The faxes will not have to be printed, saving on paper costs, and county employees will also be able to send faxes directly from their computers. This server will also weed out junk faxes.
    The cost of the server is $6,646. The commissioners signed the contract.
    Meanwhile, maintenance director Dave Meyer reported that the Havel company looked at the HVAC system in the Service Complex again.
    Havel discovered that older computers could "talk" to the old system, and that the valves of one of the units are not opening or closing properly. Meyer said that the system is not efficient at all, and often will heat the building instead of cooling it in the mornings.
    He suggested using the system for the remainder of the summer and seeing how it does in the winter months. The commissioners agreed.