Couple seeks to bring boy to America

    “How could we say, 'God, we will adopt any child you provide us, except that little one there in the wheelchair?'” This was the realization that a local couple, Rocky and Lily Evans, came to while searching to adopt a child this past December.
    Rocky, who is the creative arts director at The Bridge Community Church in Decatur, and Lily, a nurse for a local doctor, knew they wanted to adopt and kept sensing it was to be a special needs child.
    It was at a Christmas party where they first heard about a little boy in Haiti at the Mission of Hope who was possibly going to be available for adoption. Generally, children are not adopted out of Mission of Hope because the group wants to raise the children with the help of the “mommies” (usually six children per mommy) and send them through school so they can improve and rebuild Haiti. This special little boy, Pierre, was an exception because he has many unknown medical problems.
    Pierre was left at the clinic at Mission of Hope as a very sick little baby in September of 2010.
    “I fully believe his parents left him, not because they didn’t love him, but because they knew they couldn’t get him the medical care he needed,” said Lily. The couple said that it is believed that Pierre has both neurological and muscular problems, but has not been officially diagnosed because there isn't enough government funding to help with medical problems for the Haitian people, especially not enough for an orphan. According to Rocky and Lily, Pierre has had several medical complications and faced death’s door more than once.
    After communicating with the Mission of Hope on January 18, the Evans couple left their two boys, Blake (6) and Carter (3), with family and flew to Haiti to meet Pierre.
    “When we first saw Pierre, it was an instant bond — he was our son,” Rocky said about first meeting the child. "Pierre has an infectious smile and way about him that touches everyone who has been in contact with him. He has surpassed every limitation that has been placed on him."
    Rocky explained that Pierre was never expected to talk, but not only does he talk now, "he sings, too."
    Due to the urgency of getting Pierre the medical attention he so desperately needs, the Evans are seeking a medical Visa to bring Pierre to the United States. They will then proceed with the adoption process.
    Funding for such an undertaking is substantial, but the Adams/Wells communities have already stepped up to help this family “Bring Pierre Home.”
    Three separate fundraisers are scheduled: A benefit dinner/concert at 5:30 p.m. this Saturday at The Bridge Community Church; a 5K run/walk on Saturday, April 21, at Woodcrest Pond; and an auction and craft show at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 19, at The Bridge.
    More information is available on Facebook: “Bring Pierre Home,” or by calling Rocky, (260) 223-5003, or Lily, (260) 223-4810.