County tech manager clarifies phone trouble

    Adams County IT Manager Landon Patterson reported on Monday that the replacement of the phone system in the Adams County E911 Dispatch Center is a problem with the phones that are used by all Adams County government offices, not with the E911 system itself.
    Patterson said the issue is that the phones used by Adams County employees, including the dispatch center, have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are now obsolete, meaning if there is a problem Patterson will be unable to fix it.
    There are plans in the works to replace the E911 system currently used by the county and Patterson said he wanted to be clear that this was not what is happening at this time.
    "I don't want people to think we're replacing the E911 system now, then replacing it again [in the future]," said Patterson.
    Patterson reported to the Adams County Commissioners last week that he received quotes for a new phone system from Enhanced Network Solutions Group, Fort Wayne, for $109,800.34; Gibson Teledata, Indianapolis, for $149,846; and $95,113 from Allstar Communications, Fort Wayne.
    The commissioners took the bids under advisement.