County students win $55,000 apiece in scholarship money

    Winning $111,000 in 73 minutes?
    Two high school students from Adams County did that on April 29 in a state auto skills repair contest sponsored by the Ford corporation and American Automobile Association.
    Billy Gilson, a senior at South Adams, and Jacob Bergdall, a junior at Adams Central, were the winning two-man team that defeated nine other tandems in the event at Indianapolis.
    They performed repairs on a 2012 Mustang in just 73 minutes and each won $55,000 in scholarship money to attend a technological school, plus $800 each in tools.
    That comes to $111,600.
    Gilson and Bergdall will also represent Indiana at the national Ford/AAA auto skills contest, which will be held in June on the front lawn of Ford's world headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.    Both students are in an auto mechanics class offered at South Adams High School.