County still seeking to plug leaks

    With the ongoing water leaks at the Service Complex, county officials are still trying to decide the best course of action to find a permanent solution to the problem.
    Back in May of this year, Jerry Firestone of Triangle Design developed a bid package to be used in collecting bids for repair work to be done on the Complex, telling commissioners this would allow contractors submitting estimates to provide bids for the same work and allow commissioners to compare "apples to apples."
    One issue that was brought up in previous meetings is that Firestone worked on the problem a few years ago, supposedly repairing the leakage issue, only to find out later that the problem had never been fixed.
    Dave Meyer of county building maintenance told the commissioners that Fritz Herget of Arsee Engineers, Indianapolis, also came to inspect the building and gave his recommendations, which contradict the plan that had been outlined by Firestone.
    Meyer and the commissioners all agreed that it would be wise to speak with Herget again, since Firestone had previously failed to fix the leaks.
    Therefore, the commissioners asked Meyer to arrange a meeting with between the county officials, Firestone, and Herget to discuss the differences between the two plans.
    Meyer said last week that he had spoken with Herget about the meeting, and Herget said he would not attend unless he was compensated for his time. Herget said he has already traveled from Indianapolis on previous occasions and felt that it would cost too much money for him to make another the trip for a discussion with no compensation or guarantee.
    Commissioners asked Meyer to speak with Herget again to determine how much money he would need to make the trip, and if there were another project he was working on nearby so that commissioners could work with another entity to split the expense.
    Meyer reported that Herget said he would need $1,000 to make the trip, but added that Herget may be coming Decatur to consult on the courthouse project with Dave Sholl of Schenkel & Schultz Architecture, and that the county may be able to split the cost there.
    The commissioners concluded they no longer feel Firestone is necessary for the meeting, as he has been given ample opportunity to fix the issue and has failed to do so.
    Meyer said he will contact Sholl and Herget both to try to come to an arrangement and set up a time for a meeting between the commissioners, Meyer, and Herget.