County recylables sales may top $100,000

    Adams County Solid Waste Management District director Hank Mayer reported at this week's board of directors meeting that the county's sale of recylables is expected to top $100,000 this year, the first time the solid waste district has eclipsed that mark.
    Mayer said that while the overall volume of recyclable material brought by private individuals and commercial enterprises to the solid waste district is mostly unchanged in recent years, prices paid to the district for recycled paper, plastics, glass and cardboard have risen.
    The director said the public's donation of mixed paper and cardboard, which he said are the top money-making items sold by the county, are up significantly this year over 2010 levels. The amount of cardboard brought to the district has nearly doubled in the past 12 months, Mayer said, while the amount of mixed paper sold by the county is up more than 85 tons over last year.
    The county earned approximately $95,000 "four or five years ago" from the sale of recyclables, Mayer said, but that figure had dropped to below $80,000 in recent years.