County ponders golf cart approval

    Adams County resident Brice Hoffman addressed the county commissioners Monday regarding the golf cart ordinance covering their use on county roads.
    The Indiana Legislature passed a bill in 2009 allowing cities and towns to regulate golf carts on their streets, but not allowing golf carts to be used legally on county roads and state highways.
     Adams County's commissioners passed a golf cart regulation ordinance after the state law was approved and based the provisions on ordinances that had been passed by Decatur and Berne city councils and Monroe and Geneva town councils.
    State Rep. Matt Lehman met with commissioners in 2011 and said that the 2010 and 2011 sessions of the Indiana General Assembly did not add counties to the 2009 law due to opposition by Senator Tom Wyss of Allen County. Lehman said the House of Representatives was ready both years to include counties along with cities and towns in regard to regulating golf carts, but the Senate would not act because of Wyss.
    During the 2012 session, legislatures passed the bill allowing counties to deal with golf carts, effective this July 1.
    Now it appears to be in the hands of the Adams County Sheriff and county officials to decide what course of action, if any, will be taken on the matter.