County parks to get some sprucing up

    Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Steve Krull presented his annual report to the county commissioners on Monday.
    He said that this year the department hopes to do a lot of work fixing up the county parks. He noted that that was the area on which the department's budget placed its emphasis this year, and he said it would be a great improvement.
    As far as the South Adams Trails Inc (SATI) organization is concerned, Krull said the situation is getting better. He mentioned that the group has run into problems with new regulations, but he said SATI is planning an informative meeting in order to move forward more smoothly.
    He commended the committee for persevering with the project for the last six or seven years, despite the problems it has had.
    Commissioner Kim Fruechte mentioned to Krull that he was concerned about some discrepancies in the reported hours of an employee being shared by the county maintenance department and the parks and recreation department. Krull and the commissioners decided that an accountability system needs to be set up, and they plan to discuss this at the parks and recreation meeting next Monday night.