County-park board dispute escalates

    An ongoing dispute between the Adams County commissioners and members of the Adams County Park and Recreation board escalated Monday during the commissioners' regular weekly meeting. And while no resolution was reached to lingering conflicts between the two bodies — the biggest centering around personnel and supervision matters — county park board members said they hope to present to the commissioners a concrete plan outlining the future of their department by year's end.
    At issue are how personnel matters will be handled in the county parks department beginning in January of next year upon the retirement of Steve Krull — who currently serves jointly as the supervisor of the Decatur and county parks and rec departments. It has been agreed by the city and county park boards that Krull's position will not be filled.
    The commissioners reportedly have questioned county park board president Phyllis Hebble and other board members about the future role of Craig Krull, director of leisure services for the county park board and a county employee.
    Further details in today's print an e-editions.