Cook the turkey, and not your house

    With the Thanksgiving holiday almost upon us, it’s time to take a moment to think about fire safety. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, Thanksgiving day is the number one leading day for home cooking fires. Currently, one of the most common causes of burn injuries and fires is individuals attempting to deep fry a turkey without taking proper precautions.
    Here are a few tips to safely deep fry a turkey this Thanksgiving. Remember to follow all safety instructions provided with your deep fryer. The following are a few guidelines, but should by no means be taken as the only precautions necessary to avoid a fire or injury.
    First, only use a commercially built deep fryer and follow all safety instructions. Do not try to make your own, or modify an existing deep fryer for your turkey. Place your deep fryer outside and well away from any flammable material, including your home, garage, outdoor utility shed, shrubbery and trees. Place your fryer on a noncombustible, flat surface to reduce the risk of tipping.
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