Contract for senior center roof goes to Limberlost

    A public-private endeavor to replace the roof at the South Adams Senior Center was settled Monday evening when Berne City Council awarded a bid for the project.
    Acting on a recommendation from the senior center's board of directors, the council awarded the roof project quote to Limberlost Construction in the amount of $53,850.
    The council in August had selected five firms from which to solicit quotes for the project, but two of those companies — Amstutz Construction and Marquis Builders — were deemed ineligible after representatives from the firms failed to attend a mandatory Aug. 31 pre-quote meeting. The Joe H. Schwartz company opted not to bid on the project.
    During the city's Board of Public Works meeting on Sept. 10, quotes for the project were opened from Limberlost Construction and Taylor Made Exteriors (T.M.E.). Each firm offered two bids — one for a metal roof and another for asphalt shingles.
    The low bid for a metal roof was submitted by T.M.E. at $49,750. Limberlost had the low bid for asphalt shingles at $53,850.
    While some members of the city council said the low bid from T.M.E. should be accepted, City Attorney Jim Beitler said the senior center board "would prefer (asphalt) shingles, because of the aesthetics."
    The quotes, at the direction of the city council, were turned over to the senior center board for review and an ultimate recommendation. "If the taxpayers were paying for this, I think we should take the low bid. But since the organization is paying, I think we should consider going with shingles," Councilman Gregg Sprunger said at that time.
    During Monday's city council meeting, Mayor Bill McKean said a letter had been received from the senior center board recommending the shingle roof. Councilman Ron Dull said the seniors' organization "would be willing to pay the entire cost for the shingle option."
    "Because they are paying 100 percent of this, I'm okay with it," said Councilman Mark Wynn.
    The city council in July approved the execution of a 10-year lease with the South Adams Seniors Inc. organization for continued operation of the city’s senior center. The lease agreement called for the city to continue to lease the structure at 825 Hendricks Street to the senior center board for $1 annually, and also specified that the seniors’ group would financially assist the city in making structural improvements at the site. The seniors' organization made what Beitler termed a “substantial” financial contribution to the city to assist in the roof repair project.
    Council voted 5-0 on Monday to accept the Limberlost bid for the roofing project.