Complaints over PD site are voiced

    The location of the new Decatur police station came up for discussion at Tuesday night’s Decatur City Council meeting, and following some cordial questions and answers, the discussion got a bit testy.
    Mary Byer and Alan (Clyde) Bedwell, each of whom reside on 7th Street near the site of the yet-to-be-built station, posed numerous questions and were provided answers, with some friendly back-and-forth.
    After the the questions were answered, Councilman Ken Meyer said to Byer and Bedwell that he has lived near the current police station on 3rd Street for 26 or so years, “and you don’t even know it’s there. There isn’t that much coming and going. You really don’t even know there’s a station there.”
    “But they’re taking my back yard away,” Byer said, her voice rising. She went on to say children have been playing on the vacant land for years, and once the station is built they will no longer be able to use it.
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