Community Corrections computer update approved

    Community Corrections Director Ian Gilbert came before the county council on Tuesday to ask for appropriations to upgrade the department's computer system.
    He reported that Community Corrections has been using the same computers since it began in 2008. He asked to use $6,400 of the extra money that has built up in the Community Transitions fund to pay for eight new computers, as well as a network system that will allow on-call employees to log in remotely to the GPS software. This will allow an employee who is on call to deal with problems after business hours without having to come into the office, he said.
    Gilbert also expressed confidence that House Bill 1006, which deals with sentence reform, will pass, keeping 40-60 percent of offenders who would have been formally incarcerated in the past on home detention. He also said that Community Corrections is prepared to take on the extra responsibilities it will have with more offenders in the county.
    Further details in today's print edition.