Commissioners okay study for building to house courts

    Adams County Attorney Mark Burry informed the county commissioners on Monday that he had received a proposal from Dave Sholl of Schenkel and Shultz Architecture, for a "study on a new structure to house the Superior and Circuit Courts along with the Clerk's Office."
    The proposal breaks down the steps needed for said study, as well as the fee for the work — $3,400 plus reimbursements — which could probably be finished by the end of January.
    The steps in the proposal are as follows:
    • Meeting with stakeholders for input.
    • Develop conceptual plans for a new building (north of the superior court building, in an area which is now a county-owned parking lot).
    • Develop conceptual plans for probation and Community Corrections in existing courthouse.
    • Consider parking options.
    • Perform a cost estimate.
    • Presentation to county boards.
    • Update cost comparison of all options.
    The commissioners accepted this proposal for perusal, but said they are still exploring options for the courthouse.