Commissioners hear about drainage issues in Bobo

    Richard Lambert, a resident of Bobo, spoke with the Adams County Commissioners Monday regarding drainage issues on his property.
    According to Lambert, the problem began about three years ago when a neighbor, who was not named, allegedly had a broken tile on his property which was creating some minor flooding on the man's property.
    Lambert reported that rather than fix the broken tile, the neighbor allegedly chose to plug the catch basin directly behind Lambert's home to prevent the flooding he was experiencing.
    However, Lambert says that since the catch basin has been plugged, rainwater now has no place to go, and floods Lambert's property with up to eight inches of water, as well as flooding other surrounding properties and area roads.
    Lambert reported that he and a friend went to speak with the man about the issue and offered to bring over equipment to help dig up the tile to "fix the problem."
    The neighbor allegedly refused, stating, "It's not my problem, it's yours."
    Lambert said he had Highway Superintendent Mark MItchel, who was not present at Monday's meeting, inspect the catch basin to see what, if anything, could be done.
    According to Lambert, Mitchel said that the catch basin on the neighbor's property was not within the county domain, therefore county workers had no authority to begin digging on the property.
    While the commissioners were sympathetic with Lambert's plight, they agreed that if the plug exists on the neighbor's property, the county has no legal recourse.
    Chairman Doug Bauman said he would speak with Mitchel  about possibly digging up the catch basin that runs between Lambert's home and the neighbor's to see if perhaps it is plugged under the roadway, which would fall in the county's right of way.
    Bauman stated if the plug exists in county domain, Mithchel and his crew will repair the problem.
    In one last piece of advice, Bauman said if the county has no right of way, and the neighbor is refusing all reasonable offers of help, Lambert may be forced to take legal action.