Columbine comment gets AC student suspended

    A non-violent incident at Adams Central High School on Monday brought about the suspension of a student.
    A sophomore made a remark to another student in regards to "Columbine at Adams Central Schools," Superintendent Mike Pettibone said Tuesday. School officials reacted immediately upon hearing of the comment, "but found no evidence that this was not more than a very inappropriate statement," according to Pettibone.
    "However, the school is treating this as very serious," Pettibone said in a letter to parents of students at AC.
    The boy was given a three-day suspension and on Tuesday was attending the RISQ program in Decatur. It is an alternative to out-of-school suspensions and is designed to provide supervision to suspended students.
    According to Pettibone, after the remark was discovered, school administrators and the AC resource officer, Deputy Sheriff Charlie Cook, interviewed the student. The boy's possessions and locker were searched "and no evidence was discovered that indicated anything past a comment," Pettibone said in the letter.
    The student's parents were contacted, as was Adams County Prosecutor Chris Harvey, whose advice was sought, according to the superintendent. On Tuesday, the student, his family and school officials met with Adams Circuit Court Judge Fred Schurger.
    The student's three-day suspension was being reevaluated on Tuesday, Pettibone said.
    "Please appreciate that your students communicate with proper school officials to address concerns," Pettibone said in the letter to parents. "Input from students and families for all of us to maintain a safe environment at Adams Central Sshools is the key to all of our safety. I am concerned that this occurred at Adams Central; however, I am thankful that there is a line of communication that allows the staff to have information that encourages safety.