Clothe-A-Kid project opens

    Leaders of the Adams County chapter of Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) have announced the start of the annual Clothe-A-Kid for School project.
    The program is for students who will be at least four years old by the start of the 2011-12 school year, who will be in preschool through the eighth grade, and who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches at schools.
    An announcement said that churches throughout Adams County will be asked to encourage their members to participate in the project by purchasing one or more sets of clothes, which will be given to needy children. Anyone who wishes to participate may do so by calling Love INC,  728-4503.
    Claudia Karges, executive director of Love INC in Decatur, added, "The purpose of the project is to send needy children back to school with new sets of clothes. More than just helping children look good, a new outfit can give a child the confidence he or she needs to look forward to going to school and being part of the group. The project also gives financial relief to families struggling to make ends meet."
    Those who buy clothes for children will be given their first names, ages, genders, and sizes of pants, skirts or jumpers, shirts or blouses, socks, underwear, and light jackets or sweaters.
    Applications for children to enter the Clothe-A-Kid for School project are due at the Love INC office, 1735 Patterson St. in Industrial Park, by Friday, June 10.
    Sponsor forms which say how many sets of clothes will be bought must be received at the Love INC office by Friday, July 1.
    All the clothes that are bought must be turned in at the Love INC office.
    Parents of the youngsters will get the clothes on Saturday, August 13, the announcement said.
    Karges concluded, "This has been a successful project for several years and we expect another great year. This is another opportunity to fulfill the vision of Love INC, which is to mobilize churches to reach out to needy people and let them know God loves them and so do we."