Cleanup campaign in Monroe gains support

    Several Monroe residents attended Thursday night's town council meeting to show their support for the proposed new ordinance that will allow town officials to send citations to residents who do not keep their property properly maintained.
    Council President Al Lehman said there has been some improvement in property maintenance since talk of a new ordinance began to circulate. However, Lehman pointed out there are still residents refusing to mow their lawns or clean up trash and junk that has accumulated on their property.
    "I want to remind people you can't mow the front yard and leave the back yard a jungle," said Lehman. "You also can''t mow the front yard once a month and think that's good enough."
    Town Attorney Jeremy Brown said there is already an ordinance on the books regarding the length of grass and that officials will begin issuing citations for those who are in violation.
    As to an ordinance regarding trash or junk piling up on a property, Brown said he is unaware of any town ordinance already in existence but is currently looking through the town ordinance book to determine if one currently exists. If not, Brown said he will have one prepared and ready for council to review at next month's meeting.
    "It's about having pride in yourself, having pride in your community," said council member Debra Giessler. "It's about being a good neighbor and just showing respect for yourselves and others.
    When asked by Lehman if any member of the audience had anything they wished to say, one person responded "Nope, I think you just about covered it.    The council members ended by saying it takes everyone working together to keep Monroe great.