City workers save $614,000

    Those two words, "fiscal restraint," which have become so popular these days weren't spoken at Tuesday night's meeting of Decatur City Council, but they certainly could have been.
    Meanwhile, it was learned at the same meeting that the city may soon take another step to join the latest trend and go on Facebook.
    The fiscal restraint was initially mentioned by Board of Works member Bill Karboch and then expanded upon by Mayor John Schultz, who pointed out a huge savings produced by the heads of the various city departments. In all, the department heads were able to get by spending $614,000 less than they had budgeted for 2010.
    That money thus reverts to the city's general fund for 2011. "It increases our cash balance and makes it easier for us to keep our tax rate down," the mayor said. "They (department chiefs) did a wonderful job."
    Figures provided by Clerk-Treasurer Phyllis Whitright showed $469,000 had reverted to the general fund a year ago, and this year's figure topped that by some $133,000.
    Perhaps that good news may some day go on a city Facebook page. Schultz said he and Whitright recently met with the city's web developer, Heather Eichhorn, to talk about setting up a Facebook account.
    "We're going to look into it further; there are some security issues," the mayor said. "It's just another avenue in which to contact the general public."