City workers to get 2% pay hike

    Full-time City of Decatur workers will be getting a two percent pay boost next year, marking the second year in a row they've received an increase after going the two previous years without.
    Mayor John Schultz recommended the two percent hike at Tuesday night's city council meeting and council readily agreed.
    "I just think it's the right thing to do," the mayor said, noting that department heads have not only stayed within their budgets but have often turned back unused funds at the end of the year. "It's the thing to do for their hard work."
    For 2012, each full-time employee received a $1,000 pay increase, following two years when no hikes were forthcoming. The year before that, 2009, each full-timer got a three percent boost.
    The average per-worker increase for 2013 will be $700 and the total cost computes to $110,000. The lowest employee on the full-time pay scale will get an additional $532 and the highest will receive an extra $1,672. The latter includes longevity increases, which are part of the salaries for member of the police and fire departments.
    Councilman Cam Collier said, "It bears mentioning that we are in much better position (financially) than we were a year ago." Councilman Matt Dyer agreed with that assessment, praising the efforts of the department heads. Councilman Bill Crone moved for passage, Councilman Ken Meyer seconded and a 5-0 vote followed.