City pay hikes pondered

    The City of Decatur hasn't provided salary increases for its employees last year and this year, but Mayor John Schultz is strongly in favor of doing so this year.
    The last pay hikes, three percent across the board, were granted for 2009.
    At this week's city council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Phyllis Whitright presented some figures she has compiled.
    A one percent increase, she said, would cost the city $72,000 to $73,000. The lowest employee increase would be $240 a year, the highest approximately $400; for employees with longevity clauses, it would be about $1,000.
    A two percent increase would cost the city $110,000; the lowest increase would be $480 a year, $812 the highest; with longevity, $1,600.
    The mayor said he wanted the figures put before the council so the matter of a pay raise can be discussed at the next meeting.
    Councilman Matt Dyer said that at the time of the last raise, an evaluation of the various departments was to be made to determine where pay increases should be granted. He asked if that process had ever been set up.
    Schultz said it had not been done, "probably because we haven't given any increases the last two years."
    Whitright also noted that some Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF) increases will be required of the city next year. "Do we have any say in that or is it just Indianapolis again telling us how to spend our money?" Schultz asked.
    The city, Whitright said, has no say in the matter.