City gets 4.5 inches of snow

    Decatur and Adams County were digging out today from Tuesday's snowstorm, and the good news is that no more snow is likely for the foreseeable future.
    Officials at the Decatur weather station reported a 4 1/2-inch snowfall.
    The National Weather Service said there was a 30 percent chance of further snow here today, and none tonight or Thursday. Chances of snow are pegged at 20 percent Thursday night and through Friday, and at 40 percent for Saturday.
    Snow removal today was moving along nicely on streets in Decatur and on rural roads in Adams County.
    Decatur Street/Sanitation Superintendent Jeremy Gilbert said at 8:15 a.m., "Everything should be in pretty good shape shortly (one or two hours)."
    Gilbert said his staff began working on Tuesday, even as the snow was falling, and the full crew was back on the job by 3 a.m., with nine vehicles plowing and salting.
    At the county highway department, Superintendent Mark Mitchel passed word through his office staff that 15 vehicles hit the roads early this morning. The staffer added that everything appeared to be going well.
    Schools in Adams County were operating on two-hour delays early this morning. All three public school systems postponed activities scheduled for Tuesday night.
    The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reported in its morning edition that Fort Wayne police handled dozens of vehicle crashes Tuesday during what was described as a record snowfall.
    City police responded to 70 crashes from midnight to 4:15 p.m. Of those, three involved injuries, city police spokesman Michael Joyner said.
    No accidents were reported today by the Adams County Sheriff's Department. Decatur police reported three, but only one was weather related, and there were no injuries.