City of Decatur’s ‘30 Days of Recycling’

Staff Writer

    Earth Day is celebrated April 22, and Decatur is going to go big and celebrate the entire month of April with 30 days of recycling. The city's recycling program is going well. However, there are a few things all of us can work on to become expert recyclers. Each day’s tip — both on the city's Facebook page and in the Decatur Daily Democrat — will have a code word. Download the 30 days of recycling green sheet from or pickup at city hall, write each day’s code word on the form, and forms with all 30 correct code words will be entered to win fabulous prizes. Happy recycling!

Monday, April 29
    Day 29 of the 30 days of recycling – With the rain and more rain, and more rain, there’s water everywhere. Including in your recycling bins if you don’t put lids on them. No one wants a bath from emptying recycling containers. Code word – Put a lid on it.