Chillin' with Dylan- Much ado about the weather

    Let me get the obvious out of the way...
    When will this Indiana weather become predictable enough to bear?
    Last year was the epitome of extremes as the baseball/softball programs had to wait for the snow on the ground to melt before getting on the field late March, then we sat through an April/May drought with temps in the high 80s.
    That’s the norm around here.
    This winter has been one of the harshest in decades from a temperature/wind/precipitation stand point and it has taken its toll on the school year with delays and cancellations.
    With that trend comes the inevitable postponement of winter sports competitions. The sport that suffers the most from cancellations has to be the wrestlers who work their tails off making weight and rely heavily on momentum and rhythm to carry the day.
    The good thing (if there is one) about it is that there is no advantage here from the wrestling standpoint. As we just finished up the conference tournaments last night at New Haven and Woodlan respectively, all eyes are now on the sectionals Saturday when, as Hop so poetically put it in Wednesday’s “Heresy”, storylines abound.
    Swimmers and basketballers are effected by the weather as well, don’t get me wrong.
    I know that all of the area basketball coaches have been frustrated by the inconsistency of the schedule watching as some games already postponed have been pushed back a second time on a few occasions. With time running out on the winter sports seasons there is a real possibility that most of the teams’ schedules will be cut short due to cancellations of non-conference affairs.
    The girls schedule is all but complete with just a few games remaining but those few games left are critical for the teams in Adams County.
    For the first time in well over a decade, South Adams has the team to beat in the girls’ realm as coach Brett Freeman has done a fantastic job of slowly turning things around for the girls program despite still having number issues that keep their depth chart at scary low positions.
    Some of that credit deserves to go to coach Cunningham who left the program two years ago after just one year. His group started with the seniors this year and even then you could tell there were good things on the horizon with such an athletic group.
    The Lady Jets and Squaws, on the other hand, have had their issues this year struggling mightily in the win column amidst a sporadic girls basketball playing field in the northeastern part of Indiana.
    Since its institution in 1972, Title IX has helped girls sports seek equality in Indiana’s sports playing fields but in the recent years it has taken another spiralling drop, particularly in Adams County.
    While there are shining moments for the girls in sports like track, cross country, golf, swimming, and volleyball, there has been an obvious drop in success/interest in sports like softball and basketball (AC’s softball success notwithstanding).
    There are a few lightbulbs on the schedule, however, and they happen to occur right at the end of the season as Adams Central ventures to South Adams on Saturday night, and the Starfires also host Bellmont later on February 7 for the season finale.
    The teams are literally trudging through the snow to get their seasons completed.
    Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate enough to get through the remainder of the schedules for both the boys and the girls.