Chillin' with Dylan-Grab your winter gear, folks

    I haven’t even had time to pump up my old basketball in the garage yet!
    The Starfires make a point of keeping the pigskin tradition alive tomorrow going for their first regional title since 1992 against Tri-Central. There seems to be something else going on tomorrow as well, however.
    A basketball game?
    It seems weird to me that we’re already to the winter months but the girls’ game does pick up a little earlier than the boys so coach Andy Heim and his Squaws are going to have to try to snatch headlines with their first game against Woodlan on the road tomorrow.
    Ok, so anything short of a triple-OT game with a buzzer-beater will not overshadow a Starfire REGIONAL, but it is worth noting that the high school sports crossover of seasons is mind-numbing at times.
    From a writer’s perspective, the chaos is like a mountain climb getting more and more hectic as the teams reach the post-season before the peak and then amazingly sudden fall. With just one loss, the fall season is over for the three schools.
    There was a week where I had a moment to get my bearings and try to figure out the Winter Preview coming out on Tuesday, November 26. No sooner had I figured all that out that I realized that the Squaws’ season is already underway!
    How lucky for us (and coach Heim) that the Concordia game was postponed because of the Cadets’ success in the state volleyball tournament. I’m sure coach appreciated the extra practice time with his girls before tip-off tomorrow night against a traditionally fundamental and talented Woodlan team.
    The Starfire girls also were supposed to tip-off tomorrow on the road at Daleville in a game that would have likely had two or three fans in the stands thanks to a combination of distance (60 miles one way) and the regional football game. Luckily, Mr. Arnold, the SA athletic director, had the brilliant foresight to push that game further down the road.
    It sounds like I’m dreading basketball but in reality it’s my favorite sport and I’ve been itching for it since March when it ended.
    I’m excited for all six basketball teams in the county as well as the swim teams and wrestling squads who all show the same potential that the fall sports did.
    There is still potential because at small schools like the three in Adams County, the teams and their faces seem to remain the same. A lot of the same kids play two or three sports for their schools and it’s safe to say that the athletic ones seem to shine no matter what sport they play.
    As it happens, we have a lot of those types of kids in the area helping to keep us on the map in multiple sports.
    Looking ahead down the road we may even incorporate some conference titles after losing Homestead and Carroll to the abyss that is being labeled “conference-less.”
    I had a pretty good conversation with the Bellmont wrestling coach, Brent Faurote, at the football game a week back and he agrees that what Bellmont is doing amongst the giants of Indiana high school sports is amazing. There is an abundance of pride floating back to Bellmont, as well as AC and SA, that has the area silently buzzing about with sports talk.
    Now, I’m not beyond realizing that there’s more to high school life than sports but just ask some of the athletes what they think. A winning mentality is not given by talent, it’s brewed by success. In turn, success is not simply attained, it is taken by hard work, persistance, and the belief that no matter how big or small a school is they can win if they put their minds to it (SEE Bellmont football over Homestead or sectional title in 2011).
    I’m pretty thrilled be able to bring webcasting to basketball and even a few of the home wrestling matches this season (a first). The help and support I’ve been given on this project has been amazing and I’d like to thank everyone who watched (or tried to watch) the fall sports on the webcast. Thanks for the patience and understanding with the trials and bugs still being worked out with the equipment.
    With the help of advertisers in the area we hope to bring another quality product to the forefront with the winter webcasting.
    The inaugural winter sports cast will be November 26 when the wrestling hosts Columbia City at the Teepee.