Chillin' with Dylan

    Happy 4th of July, everyone. I hope the fireworks, family, friends and food was as amazing for you as it was for me.
    It’s not very often that I get to sit in on a professional press conference but the opportunity presented itself last week when Sycamore Hills hosted an event for several media members in the region at their clubhouse in support for the upcoming PGA event in September.
    The golf outing is one of several tour events slated for this season with a number of PGA tour cards on the line for the top 25 golfers. The hosted events work as a sort of “minor league” golf set up as young up and coming players match up with former pros who have had down years and must work back up to earning a PGA card.
    I had the honor of listening to three players well on their way to becoming regulars on tour including Will Wilcox who already has a tournament win under his belt as an amateur on a professional course.
    The event will be amazing for several reasons and I can’t wait to see the turn out in a few months.
    The city of Fort Wayne will benefit greatly from the tournament draw as people from all over the state and beyond will be attending the first ever official PGA event at the Hills. The event will likely bring in an estimated $3 million for the city.
    Fort Wayne’s main goal in the last five years has been to expand the culture of the city and that included building a new ball park for the Tin Caps among other things.
    As the city’s tourism grows it will mean more and more jobs for the area and revenue fed into the state.
    The event at Sycamore Hills will be a three-year engagement returning the golf pros for the next two seasons after September’s inaugural showing. This year’s turnout will likely be the smallest as many have not yet realized the large scale this tournament will bring to the area.
    I predict that the third year will be the finest showing for the Hills and it may just prompt a renegotiation to keep’s interest in the course in Fort Wayne.
    I’m not much of a golfer but the idea of actual professionals like John Daly coming to Fort Wayne is an exciting one. They actually asked me to golf the day of the press conference but I had to respectfully decline. I’m not sure they knew what they were asking at the time. Had they known how poor of a golfer I am they would not have asked me to decimate their fine course with my miscues...