Chillin' with Dylan

    I don’t want to ruin a great thing by making too many observations and predictions, but it can’t be overstated just how amazing Adams Central’s run has been in the post-season.
    Without going into great detail, I will give a few facts to stew over heading into this weekend.
    The AC girls are in their second straight state title game after never tasting a sectional title in their existence before 2011-12. The boys are headed for semi-state as the favorite to win it all but they have to get past a tough Northfield (28-3) team.
    The last time an Adams County duo of softball-baseball teams both made it through sectionals and won regionals was when Bellmont did it in 2007-08. They did it before that in 2003-04. It has not been accomplished before that and it seems rare.
    Bellmont’s duos in the 2000s were solid teams that never tasted semi-states. The Braves went to the title game in 2002 but during that stretch the semi-state level was scratched. The AC boys made the title game the year before in 2A in their only appearance.
    The Squaws’ only appearance in the title game came before classes were issued in 1988-89 when they lost to Twin Lakes, 4-0.
    Adams Central has a chance to do something really special. The boys are favored to win and the girls...well the girls haven’t been favored since sectional but don’t tell them that because they have a blatant disregard for the state polls as they have dismissed a handful of ranked teams already.
    All that to say that this is the first time that two teams from Adams County are in the state final four in softball-baseball at the same time. Go Jets.
    Not since Michael Jordan pushed Russell of the Jazz aside and nailed a buzzer-beater in game six have I had so much invested in an NBA post-season.
    Even when my idol, Reggie Miller, was in his prime the Pacers were always one step behind the greats as the small market team. In 2000, they surprised everyone with an upstart team that had an aging Miller with a group of future stars like Jermaine O’Neal, Stephen Jackson, and Ron Artest.
    The Lakers beat the Pacers in the Finals that year amidst the Shaq/Kobe dynasty and we haven’t tasted greatness since.
    This year was similar to that as well as the 90’s teams that tried to make noise while MJ was blasting records.
    The Indiana Pacers this season weren’t expected to make it out of the first round when the news of Danny Granger, their best player, missing the season with a knee injury hit the stands.
    The team was forgotten again when they started 3-8 on the year. They ended as the three-seed behind Miami and New York and took the defending champs to a seventh game.
    Not bad.
    I know it still stings, Pacers fans, but take solace in a season not lost. Frank Vogel gets a contract extension, Granger is on the mend, Paul George is an emerging star, Lance Stephenson is the new Artest, and David West seems to want to stay for awhile. Times are good.
    Now if we could only work on LeBron’s flopping...