Chillin' with Dylan

    It got exciting around here when all three schools found themselves in their own sectional finals and the pride in Adams County could be seen at all three game locations thanks to the great amount of fans who attended the games, particularly the Braves fans who ventured all the way out to Western to witness Bellmont clinch it’s second sectional championship in the school’s existance.
    That pretty much puts it into perspective for those people who may not be from around here. Decatur has not been a football town for very long. It’s starting to be, but this is definately a new trend.
    Most schools have football camps. Bellmont has wrestling clubs or basketball camps. That’s just the way it is and the way it always has been since I was a boy growing up in Decatur.
    I have to say though, I am really excited that basketball season is finally here. I have been itching to watch a good game for several months now and the NBA just is NOT helping.
    By the way, I would love to hear different people’s opinions about the lockout. My wife and I had this discussion the other day (she’s also a big sports nut). Who’s the villain in this whole debacle? Is it the players or the owners?
    Without going into too much of the boring details, the owners agreed to a 57% revenue split with the players, which means that no matter how much a team makes through league salary income, ticket and merchandise sales, and television profit, the players on the team will get 57% of that income. The amount gets split up among the players based on how much each player makes himself.
    Kobe Bryant, for instance, would take in a lot more of that 57% from the Lakers than Luke Walton (who is just plain awful, by the way).
    Anyway, the owners now want that number to be 50-50. Sounds fair to some people. I don’t know what I think about it really. I think they’re all a bunch of greedy #^%#@*$. But what do I know, I’m not a player. I went undrafted, yet again, despite a great workout and a solid jumper.
    I am glad that my team, the Tar Heels, got to play on the air-craft carrier that fed bin Laden to the fishies. This is about as close to politics as I would ever like to see my sports get, but it was indeed the most patriotic game I have ever seen.
    I think that because of the NBA’s ridiculous temper tantrum, the collegiate game will see a significant rise in fan base and television market.
    Hopefully the attention will allow for smaller market teams to make the tv broadcast every once in awhile. I won’t hold my breath for IPFW, my alma mater. The closest that the Mastodons will get to a televised  game was watching their former coach Dane Fife scribble on a white board for head coach Tom Izzo on the Sparty bench the other night.
    That’s ok, I guess. I’m close enough to be able to catch a game live, anyways.
    Speaking of live games, pay attention fans, because  some local high school action is about to get underway in Adams County.
    The ladies have already gotten underway at Bellmont and South Adams. The Lady Jets will kick off at home against Blackhawk tomorrow.
    The guys season will kick off with scrimmages on Saturday night with the regular season getting underway next week.
    I can’t wait to see all three schools, actually. I should be partial to Adams Central since I graduated there and they are rumored to have the best team that school has ever assembled, but I am truly excited about the buzz from Bellmont with Mr. John Baker taking the helm of a very talented, under-the-radar Braves team.
     I am also just plain giddy about the senior-stacked Starfire squad who also has a new coach in Andy Brown. The Stars are probably itching to make up for a disappointing five win season last year and they, like Bellmont, have the personnel to do something about it.
    I wish all three schools the best of luck this season as they all have something to prove in the state from the court, because, after all, it is a basketball town.