Chillin' with Dylan

    I had planned on waiting until next week for another column completing a two-week sabbatical but all of this rain has given me room (and time) to collect my thoughts.
    What a week!
    On top of completing the Beat the Pros March Madness Bracket Challenge, spring pictures and previews have come and gone as have the pages I’ve put together for your viewing pleasure. That’s not to mention the fact that when the spring sports actually got going after the winter stopped suddenly, they kicked off with authority and in an effort to get pictures for the sports pages I’ve had little time to just stop...and enjoy the nice weather.
    Yes, I know it’s raining but are we so fickle that we’ll complain about the rain just a week after the snow melted? I’m trying not to be, anyway. I’m enjoying this rain because I’m actually thankful that it’s not freezing overnight anymore! We can officially start planting things in the farming community.
    Storylines abound here in the coming weeks both locally and nationally.
    First of all, I have to get it off of my chest. There were a few things that truly rattled my cage about this season’s NCAA tournament.
    It was a fantastic journey with all of the upsets and Cinderella stories but I really was upset when I saw the t-shirts Adidas put out for Kevin Ware’s injury.
    These corporate suits sit around in their offices just waiting until something slithers along that might make them a buck or two. Louisville’s guard Kevin Ware has one of the most horrendous accidents that has ever occurred on a basketball court and Adidas jumps on it like frog on a trampoline selling shirts by the thousands to fans who want to “support” the Cardinal guard.
    I’m sorry to sound trite but it was a great storyline for a day. The team won the game for their fallen comrade but let’s be real. They milked that for all it was worth.
    The other thing that really got my gears grinding was the incessant amount of commercials. The same crime is going on in baseball.
    We actually have players standing around on the court WAITING for the television and media members to bring back the programming before they start the game back up. Do we really need a TV timeout four minutes into the ball game? How about four minutes left in the ball game? Don’t the coaches call timeouts enough down the stretch?
    I know that when there’s five minutes left in a tight ball game, I can get up and make a sandwich without missing the final three minutes of action. It’s becoming too much really.
    And in a sort of related gripe, is anyone else getting tired already of the official reviews? In football it makes sense because the big play can make all of the difference. College basketball took that to a whole different extreme this year in the tournament, however.
    With Michigan leading Syracuse by six points in the Final Four and just a few ticks left, play stopped so that the officials could fix the run off on the time clock.
    How much time was lost? 0.9 seconds.
    That’s just not logical. There is not and will never be, a six point shot. They reset the clock from 1.1 to 2.0 so that Syracuse could...what? Dribble once and heave it the length of the court? That’s what they did and it made no difference to anyone. If anything, I would have been hot and bothered as a Syracuse Orangeman by the fact that the loss was stalled for 0.9 seconds.
    I hope they fix that in time for next season. I understand using technology to stay with the times, but let’s make it a reasonable change.
    If the game is out of reach then let the clock run for crying out loud. It seemed to work for all eras of basketball before the replay was utilized.
    The logical next step in this progression of perfection is for the MLB to start using it to call balls and strikes.
    Don’t laugh, it’s coming.
    It was thrown out of the rule change meetings this year but not by a large margin. For some reason or another, the powers that be in baseball seem to think that that’s what you, the fan, want to see on your television.
    I’m not one of those fans. Baseball games aleady take enough time to get over with. The game needs speeded up, not slowed down.
    Already I’m overwhelmed by commercials and advertisements mid-broadcast for what episode of “The Big Bang Theory” is on next. Please don’t slow the game down anymore with replays. Please?