Chillin' with Dylan

Webcasting Bellmont sports
    Happy V-day everyone. Go out and buy your gal some flowers and chocolate. She deserves it.
    Speaking of deserving it, I hope we bring home a champion this Saturday down in Indy. Nothing thrills me more than when the little guy triumphs and that’s all I can think of when I see Bellmont, AC, and SA go head-to-head with the big shots like Perry Meridian.
    These kids work so hard all year for this one shining moment and it would be awesome to see them come away with a title or two. We have six chances at it. Go get ‘em, guys.
    Also heading into post-season play is boys swimming. Tonight at Jay County, 11 schools will clash for a shot at heading to state swimming. Good luck to all three schools both individually and as a team.
    Now about this webcasting thing...    
    “We’ve got you set up above the gym…in the crow’s nest in front of the boiler room.”
    When I heard the Blackhawk representative say that to me I knew that Tuesday night’s broadcast was in trouble.
    Blackhawk Christian is, for all research purposes, a small, 1A school. I found that out the hard way on Tuesday.
    In this inaugural season of webcasting Bellmont sports, we’ve run into some technical issues on more than one occasion. Problems are bound to happen, I know, but I can say after a lot of successful runs that Tuesday night’s debacle in “the crow’s nest” was not my fault. Phew…
    For anyone who is not familiar with computer and internet technology…me…the metal beams near the roof of the Blackhawk gym and the boiler room less than five feet from where we were trying to broadcast behind us were not doing us any favors in bringing viewers the webcast.
    One unique aspect of our system is that we bring our own internet through what’s called a Jet Pack from Verizon. It can bring the internet to devices such as laptops and smart phones away from home. A lot of webcasters use the school’s wi-fi system to log on to their broadcast. There’s nothing wrong with this but it makes an AD breathe easier when he does not have to worry about someone coming into his/her school using their system.
    From the crow’s nest at Blackhawk Christian, we had two bars of service and we were having trouble connecting. With the varsity warm-ups starting up we were running out of options as far as game coverage on the net. All I could think of at that time was to find the AD and see if we could bum their wi-fi for the game.
    Blackhawk’s athletic director was more than accommodating, allowing us to use his internet but he did not know the password. After scrambling around the gym searching for someone who knew the guest log in username, he finally resorted to giving me his personal password.
    With less than three minutes left before tip-off, I rushed back to the crow’s nest in an attempt to connect before the game began. After putting in the password I did indeed gain access to the internet. The bad news was that the school’s internet gave me just one bar of service, worse than the Jet Pack had to offer.
    Out of time and options, I gave the broadcast a go with the Jet Pack but got only about 20 seconds into the broadcast before I lost signal. Another three tries later, I had to cut my losses and at least cover the game the old fashion way down at the scorer’s table.
    Alas, Braves/Squaws fans, that is what we will have to deal with until we narrow down the places we can and can’t broadcast. Only going out and trying new locations will help us with which places we can go. Until then, I apologize for Tuesday to any fans who were disappointed and to future games where we just won’t be able to broadcast for one reason or another.
    Tomorrow we will be covering the Bellmont/Bluffton boys basketball game and it should be a game where we have no hiccups whatsoever. The Tigers have had broadcasters in the gym all season long and are no strangers to webcasting. For those fans who can’t make the trip to Bluffton to root on the Braves tomorrow, give us a shot online at There will be a link under sports before the game that will lead the viewer to the gamecast where you simply have to log on and enjoy the game.