Cattle get loose, run down highway

    The Adams County Sheriff's Department and other emergency personnel faced an unusual scenario on Thursday as well over 100 cattle were running loose just north of Decatur.
    Several sheriff's deputies, along with workers from the dairy farm from which the cattle escaped, worked late into the night chasing the cattle in an effort to return them to the pasture. As of late last night, approximately 12 were still on the loose, according to the spokesperson.
    The animals escaped through an open gate from what is thought to be the Selking Farm, located near the intersection of Piqua and Monmouth Roads, according to a spokesperson for the sheriff's department.
    Cattle were seen by deputies and motorists alike traveling across US 27 and wandering into nearby woods, with some cattle being spotted as far west as Prestress Inc., according to the spokesperson.
    Traffic was halted on 27 at one point.
    There had been reports that a few of the cattle had to be "put down" by farm workers, with the permission of the owner, but those claims were unsubstantiated by the sheriff's department as of 7 a.m. today.