Cancer Angel Tree still taking names

    The Cancer Angel Tree erected by the Adams County Community Foundation (ACCF) to recognize people who are surviving cancer as well as those who have died from that disease is, for the eighth year in a row, on display at Scott's supermarket in Decatur.
    Nearly 200 names are on the 2010 tree, but more can be added, since the tree will remain up through December at the front of the supermarket.
    A special ornament is on this year's tree for those who died of cancer within the past year and who had contributions come to the ACCF.
    There are five ways to donate, according to an ACCF representative: $10 for a red angel ornament, $25 for a white angel ornament, $50 for a green angel ornament, $75 for a purple angel ornament, and $100 for a gold angel ornament.
    Donation forms are available at Scott's and at the ACCF office, Second and Madison Sts., downtown. For more information, call the ACCF, 724-3939.
    The foundation statement noted that funds raised through the tree provide support to Adams County residents; more than 20 people have gotten much-needed assistance from this fund, it was noted.
    One recipient said, 'I have donated to many different organizations and never thought too much about it until I was the one who needed help. I am laid off and I got cancer. I did not have money for my medication and even stopped taking it for a few months because I could not afford it. The foundation is the only organization that helped me when I really needed money for my prescription medications."