Calendar has caught up with weather

    At 1:14 a.m. today, the calendar caught up with the weather.
    Most years, the arrival of spring — which occurred at that time this morning — is cause for celebration, with promises of better weather ahead. This year, however, the beginning of spring simply means ... well, another pleasant, warm, sunny day with temperatures considerably above normal.
    The normal high here for March 19, for example, is 49 degrees. Monday's high at the Decatur weather station, though, was 82 degrees. In fact, Monday's low was 53 degrees — four degrees above the normal high!
    (The normal low for March 19 is 29 degrees.)
    Fort Wayne set another record on Monday with its high of 83, seven degrees warmer than the record for the date of 76, set in 1921.
    Meanwhile, the beat goes on, with three more days in the 80s expected.
    A high of 84 degrees is predicted for the Decatur area today, with a south wind of 5-10 mph. Tonight's low should be around 59.
    Another high of about 84 is seen for Wednesday, the National Weather Service said, followed by another low around 59, then a high of 81 is on tap for Thursday.l
    Cooler readings are forecast for Friday, but the predicted high of 69 would still be well above normal. There will be a 60 percent chance of rain and possibly a thunderstorm, the weather bureau said.
    Highs at the Decatur weather station over the last eight days ... the last eight days of winter:
    Monday: 67
    Tuesday: 70
    Wednesday: 79
    Thursday: 79
    Friday: 74
    Saturday 78
    Sunday 73
    Monday 82