Burn ban is lifted-But caution is urged

    The Adams County burn ban has been lifted . . . with extreme caution, according to Decatur Fire Chief Les Marckel.
    Marckel released a statement to the Adams County Commissioners Monday saying that all three Adams County fire chiefs agreed the ban could be lifted, with caution.
    "Some areas of the county have not received as much rain as others and the conditions are still very conducive to grass fires and the like," said Marckel.
    It was also noted that wooded areas under the canopy of leaves are still very dry and would still rapidly burn should a fire extend into these types of ground cover.
    Therefore, Marckel said the countywide ban was lifted, but urges residents to use "common sense" and offered the following guidelines:
    • Do not burn anything in windy conditions.
    • All fires should be attended at all times. Unattended fires will be put out if the fire department is called.
    • Burn small trash only in a barrel that can be controlled.
    • Do not burn in close proximity to farm ground covered with crop residue or standing crops.
    • Recreational camp ires should only be burned while attended and extinguished after their intended use.
    • Wait to burn larger brush and leaf piles until ample rain has fallen and the ground is moist.
    • Do not burn in wooded areas where a buffer cannot be created to stop fire from moving through leaf cover.
    • Till ground around any brush pile to create a buffer  area around the pile. Flying debris can carrying long distances and land on dry ground.