Buggy-plate fees said comparable

    Highway Superintendent Mark Mitchel gave his monthly report on state funding to the commissioners at their meeting this week.
    He said that the Motor Vehicle Fund is starting in March with $193,437.50, over $6,000 more than it contained this time last year. Meanwhile, the Local Roads and Streets Fund is starting the month with $27,391.21, $279.92 less than it had this time a year ago.
    Mitchel also reported that he had compared the price of buggy plates in Adams County to the price of plates in other counties and he had found that Adams County's prices are in the same range as the others. He recommended that the county not look into changing the price until at least next year.
    Maintenance Head Dave Meyer reported that the window leaks in the Service Complex will begin to be repaired on Monday, March 18.
    Meyer also said that a professional is coming Wednesday, March 13, to examine the blinds in the prosecutor's office and potentially the planning commission's office and present options for blinds; currently, it is often too bright for the employees to see their computers, Meyer said.
    Plan Commission Director Neil Ogg presented a request for a one-lot subdivision near the intersection of 200 E and 300 S. Owned by Noah Schwartz, the land being subdivided is 13.156 acres and requires no soil testing. Ogg said the subdivision was approved by the plan commission on March 5, and the commissioners approved it as well.
    Emergency Management Agency Head John August submitted a request for payroll for Katie Arthur, District 3 Coordinator, as Adams County is the fiscal agent for District 3. The commissioners approved this request.