Bridge inspections to begin in county

    Adams County Engineer Tim Barkey told commissioners Tuesday that bridge inspections will underway during the next month.
    Inspectors will be looking at bridges in Adams County  that are over 20 feet in length, which includes approximately 160 bridges in the county.
    In other news, Barkey said work on the Ceylon Covered Bridge is still progressing, with Jutte Excavating, Fort Recovery, Ohio, having finished the first layer of floorboards.
    Barkey said most of the roof trusses are on as well, and he anticipates the bridge will be completed in another few weeks.

No courthouse leaks
    Meanwhile, Dave Meyer, of building maintenance, told the commissioners that for the first time in over a year, there were no leaks in the Adams County Courthouse during Tuesday morning's thunderstorm.
    In other news, Meyer said he sent an email out to the various offices regarding desks, chairs, and other miscellaneous items giving people until Friday to pick up items they wish to keep.
    Meyer said he spoke with Tom Magnan, director of Golden Meadows, regarding any of the furniture that may be left, and Magnan asked if Golden Meadows could have those items for their upcoming benefit auction on June 16.
    Commissioners approved the request.