The Decatur Police Department is warning area residents and businesses of a scam involving a person who claims to be a police officer demanding money, claiming an arrest warrant will be issued on individuals who do not cooperate, according to Police Chief Ken Ketzler.
    Ketzler said Wednesday his department has received numerous reports of an individual with a foreign accent contacting area residents. This individual claims to be a police officer and informs residents they owe money, anywhere from $50-$500, and if they fail to pay a warrant will be issued for his or her arrest.
    Adding to the confusion is the fact the phone number showing in victim's phone display is 724-3123, which is the number of the Decatur Police Department. Ketzler said detectives are currently working with CenturyLink to discover how this is possible and resolve the issue.
    "No police department, whether it's federal, state or local, acts as a collection agency," said Ketzler, adding the police will never call residents and ask for money.
    Taking the scam a step further, Ketzler said this individual has also contacted a local business repeatedly in an effort to obtain confidential information on employees.
    Ketzler warned if any individual or business is contacted by an someone claiming to be a police officer, demanding money of confidential information, do not respond. Contact police immediately at 724-8646 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday; or at 724-3123 after hours. After hour calls will automatically be transferred to the Adams County Sheriff's Department.