Braves pummel Barons, 34-6


     WATERLOO—As the nursery rhyme goes, "Down came the rain and washed the Barons out" on Friday night as the Braves came into town and dominated DeKalb with the rushing game in a downpour, 34-6.

     It was hard to tell what ruined the Barons' senior night more, the rain or Bellmont's run game as the Braves accumulated 428 yards on the ground in a committee effort that resulted in three players over the century mark. 

     The bad news, however, was that Bellmont went to a committee run because premier back Brad Busse went down in the first quarter with a separated shoulder and did not return. Busse is questionable to return next week.

     In true coach Larry Getts' style, Bellmont went "next man up" and delivered the rush with or without Busse. Josh Hall had a big night with four of Bellmont's five touchdowns with 106 yards, while Trevor Love had his best game as a Brave with 139 yards rushing and the other touchdown. Chase Ellsworth mixed it up with the rush as well netting 104 yards. 

    "We've sold these kids on it all year long," the BHS coach stated. "The team that's on the field is the team we're playing with and it's next man up when someone goes down." 

    Amidst the rain, DeKalb started with the ball making an impressive drive from their own 30 but after two straight off-sides penalties and a failed fourth down attempt, Bellmont would take over. 

     The weather was a factor for both teams in the first half and it showed on Bellmont's first possession. After a big 33-yard run from Busse to start the Bellmont drive, the Braves would fumble the ball in the red zone turning it right back over to the Barons. The Barons would give the ball right back to Bellmont on their next possession turning over on their own 41 for great field position. After a 12-yard Hall run, Bellmont would get to the 10-yard line when the "fumble bug" would bite again and coach Getts' Braves coughed it up once again leaving the score at zeros after one quarter.

     "We ran the ball well today despite some turnovers in the red zone again," coach Getts noted. 

     The Braves would right the ship on turnovers, but not before DeKalb found the scoreboard first on a 79-yard pass from QB Evan Cochran to Cody Krumlauf for six. The kick would hit the cross-bar and fall short. 

     It was the only time the Barons would score in the ball game.