Borne attends final commission meeting

    Bill Borne attended his last official meeting as Adams County Auditor on Wednesday, after serving two four-year terms in that office.
    Chairman Doug Bauman began the weekly county commissioners meeting by recognizing this, thanking Borne for his contribution, and adding, "In my opinion, Bill Borne is a very, very knowledgeable person when it comes to county government."
    Commissioner Kim Fruechte joked that he has looked up to Borne since grade school, adding on a more serious note that for someone to be looked up to, that person must have done something to leave an "everlasting impression." He mentioned Borne's knowledge in a variety of areas, as well as his ambition, and ended his comments by saying to Borne, "You've put a positive star on Adams County."
    For his own part, Borne expressed appreciation for these compliments and thanked his coworkers for being positive people to work with.
    Adams County's new auditor, Mary Beery, is scheduled to begin her duties next week.