Boil advisory still in effect

    A boil advisory will remain in effect likely for several days here in the wake of the major water leak which occurred late Monday, and residents are urged to use caution when washing clothes.
    Also, people are asked to be on the lookout for any new water leaks which may occur as a result of what happened.
    City Operations Manager Jeremy Gilbert said Tuesday night that local officials have been contacted by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management  “and will be working with us on testing the water over the next several days.” IDEM officials will determine when it is safe to lift the boil advisory.
    Any water to be used for human consumption should be boiled at 212 degrees for three minutes, officials said.
    Meanwhile, Gilbert urged residents to be careful when washing clothes for the next few days as water may well be rusty.
    It was also noted that the situation may cause some smaller leaks around the city. Officials asked anyone seeing a leak to call City Hall (724-7171) during the day, and, after 4:30 p.m., the sheriff’s department (724-5345 or 724-7141).
    MAINS FLUSHED: Although the city lost a huge amount of water, water mains were being  flushed on Tuesday.
    “That may look odd, but we had to get the air out of the lines” as part of the repair process to refill the city’s three water towers,” Mayor John Schultz said at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.