Big costs slip hospital into the red last month

    Several large items in the Adams Health Network's schedule of claims caused the organization to go slightly in the red for the past month.
    At their monthly board meeting, AHN trustees were told Tuesday night by Chief Financial Officer Dane Wheeler that among extra costs were a one-time reimbursement to Medicare, a large payment to the Witwer Construction Company (for building activity within the organization) and the fact that the way September's calendar fell resulted in three payrolls for employees instead of the usual two.
    As a result, AHN is $198,127 in the red for the year-to-date. Wheeler said expenses for the year have totaled $38,092,135 while operating and non-operating revenues have amassed $37,894,008.
    The largest share of expenses has been for professional services at $12,805,803, although that figure is down slightly from the figure as of September 30, 2010.
    Year-to-date statistics provided by AHN President and CEO Tom Nordwick shows the hospital has remained a busy place in Adams County. The numbers show 1,624 admissions, 275 extended care unit admissions, 125 babies being born, 1,396 surgeries performed (the great number being out-patient), 63,348 outpatient registrations done, and 8,451 visits to the emergency room. A total of 4,768 patient days has been generated by in-patients.
    Nordwick noted that the total number of outpatients at the hospital has risen by 2,034 this year while 98 fewer patients have been admitted.
    At the two nursing homes owned and operated by AHN, the Village of Heritage (TVOH) has had 46 admissions this year with 15,881 patient days (the facility has a capacity of 61 beds). Woodcrest has nearly doubled the patient days of TVOH at 31,483, but has twice the number of beds with 120. Woodcrest has had 53 admissions this year.
    Another statistic shown to the trustees was where the money for the network was coming from.
    Sixty-two percent of in-patient pay is coming from Medicare followed by self-pay accounts, 12 percent; Anthem Insurance, 10 percent; Medicaid, 8 percent; others, 7 percent; and AHN employee, 1 percent.
    In the out-patient accounts, Medicare puts out 42 percent, self-pay clients 25 percent, Anthem 17 percent, Medicaid eight percent, and AHN employees and other companies 4 percent each.
    Trustees also heard an outline of the two-day retreat they will have with Nordwick this weekend to engage in strategic planning.