BHS may re-interview football coach prospects

    With the announcement that Nate Andrews has decided not to come to Bellmont to coach the football Braves, Bellmont Principal Scott Croner will be reviewing his list of applicants and may re-interview some of the prospects, he told the Daily Democrat Wednesday afternoon.
     “We’ll begin the process of calling back and do interviews, and try to find the right fit for Bellmont,” stated Croner, who was extremely disappointed that Andrews did not accept the offer, though he understood the reasons.
    “I’m thankful that we've got outstanding people who still view Bellmont as a quality job. The word is already out that Nate is not coming, and some of the previous applicants have already contacted us,” noted Croner.
    Andrews, the head football and wrestling coach at Lapel, had decided to take the Bellmont job, but a contentious school board meeting and a 3-2 vote to approve him as the new head coach forced him to rethink his choice.
    He decided not to take the BHS job and will return to his duties at Lapel.
    Of course, any suggestions that the BHS administration will make will have to be approved by the school board. A source close to the Bellmont administrative staff informed the Daily Democrat that school board members will be contacted and some may want to be part of the the interviewing process.