Berne woman handed near-3 years in prison

    A prison sentence of two years and 325 days was handed down in Adams Superior Court on Tuesday to Marlinda D. Moore, 49, Berne.
    Moore pleaded guilty to domestic battery, battery, resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief. The new charges also violated the probations she is serving for convictions of resisting law enforcement, intimidation, and invasion of privacy.
    The domestic battery case involved Moore hitting her husband in the face and the battery case involved Moore kicking a Berne policeman in a knee, both on July 11.
    For the new crimes, Moore was given concurrent sentences of two years, one year, one year, 180 days, and 180 days. For violating probation. Judge Patrick R. Miller gave her a consecutive term of 325 days. The longest concurrent term added to the consecutive term makes the two-year, 325-day sentence.
    She also got credit for having been in jail since July 11.
    Moore also was placed on probation for two years after serving her time, must complete counseling at Park Center and at the Center for Non-Violence, and have no contact with her husband or the Berne policeman she kicked as long as she is on probation.
    She also must pay probation fees, another $50 amount, combined court costs of $543, and restitution.